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Leverage your hard assets for quick cash. Get up to 60% loan to value for commercial and residential real estate, gold bars, diamonds, coin collections, yachts, classic cars, bitcoin and more. Receive your cash loan via bank wire, digital currency or in person. Easy and free loan application on line, no paperwork and we guarantee a response within two business days. No commissions or hidden costs. No employment, salary or credit check required. No pre-payment penalties. 100% confidential. Interest rates from 1.5% per month for up to 60 months.

Loan requirements: Government issued ID and proof of asset ownership, e.g. a receipt or an insurance statement. Clear title to property should be in same name as loan applicant. Minor legal and due diligence fees may apply. Portable assets such as gold bars must be received by us before loans can be dispersed. You may repay the loan principal and interest in digital currency, by bank wire or in cash. Have an asset but don’t see it listed here? Ask us!


A one ounce gold coin worth $1200 is eligible for a 60% loan of $720 and your interest payment is $10.80 per month

A bitcoin wallet is worth $5000 and you want to borrow against it instead of selling your bitcoin. We can loan you 50% of the value and your monthly interest payment would be $37.50

A house worth $250,000 is eligible for a 35% home equity loan assuming there are no liens on it. Your loan amount is $87,500 and your monthly payment is $1312.50

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