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Frequently Asked Questions

Trading with FX Pro BITcoin

Q: What are FX Pro BITcoin commissions and fees?
A: FX Pro BITcoin does not charge commissions. Prices quoted are inclusive of dealing spreads, which are derived from Interbank dealing spreads on all major currencies, including US Dollar, British Pound (Sterling), Japanese Yen, Euro, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar. FX Pro BITcoin may profit from the bid/ask spread.

Q: I want to cash out. What are my options?
A: Payeer.com, Bitcoin and Swiftcoin.


25 to 1000.

Opening an account with FX Pro BITcoin

Q: Does FX Pro BITcoin allow changes in the information on the application form after the form has been submitted?
A: YES, FX Pro BITcoin allows you to change the information you have sent. Please contact an FX Pro BITcoin client representative if you wish to change any information on the application form.

Q: How long does it take to open an FX Pro BITcoin Live Account?
A: The time it will take to open a live account depends on how quickly you can provide us with the required documents. FX Pro BITcoin's customer representative should contact you within 1 business day after you have submitted the documents. If you do not receive any reply within 3 business days, please email us at info(at)fxprobitcoin.com to confirm that we have received your documents. The process takes 2-4 days on average.

Q: How do I open an FX Pro BITcoin live account?
A: You can open an FX Pro BITcoin live account via online registration. Just go to Open a Live FX Pro BITcoin Trading Account to open a live account. For detailed instructions, please go to How to Open an FX Pro BITcoin Live Account.

Q: What should I do if I have completed and sent the Open a Live FX Pro BITcoin Account information page but did not receive an email to continue with the registration?
A: It is possible that your spam detection program identifies our emails as spam. Change the settings of your spam detection program and try to complete the application form again. If you find it impossible to complete the online registration form, even after changing the spam settings or indicating a different email address, send application form to FX Pro BITcoin via email.

Q: What is the minimum initial deposit to open an FX Pro BITcoin Live account?
A: The minimum initial deposit is US$1000 or its equivalent.

Q: Can I change my account information?
A: YES. Please contact an FX Pro BITcoin client representative by email to request any changes to your account information.

Q: Can I open an account in the name of a company?
A: Yes. Send a corporate resolution proving your authority to do this.

Funding your FX Pro BITcoin account

Q: Can I withdraw my funds if I have an open position?
A: YES. But your free margin (equity minus the required margin to maintain an open position) must be more than the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction including all payment charges. If your free margin is not sufficient, your withdrawal request will not be carried out. Submit a revised withdrawal form or close the open positions in your account.


Q: What is Bitcoin?
A: Bitcoin is a peer to peer cyber currency that can not be duplicated or controlled by any bank or government. It can not be confiscated. Use it to send, hold and receive money instantly. Its free and no bank account or debit card is required. Open your FX Pro BITcoin account with Bitcoin. Use Bitcoin to buy USD, euro and other currencies according to the market rates on the above chart.