How to Get Your Coin Listed. How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

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STEP 1: To buy and sell Bitcoin, alt coins, or forex or, to get your own coin or token listed on this exchange for others to trade for one year, please fill out the account opening form and follow the instructions.

STEP 2: Fund your account with US $1000 using any of these methods:

and many more.

All of the above payment methods are available for account funding.

Contact us at fxprobitcoin(at)
for our payment details.

If you send us SwiftCoin, the initial amount to fund your account is only US $500.

Which cryptocurrencies and forex pairs are traded on the platform?

Fxprobitcoin trades the top 250 cryptocurrencies commonly found on and If your coin is new to the market, we will provide a bid/ask spread and pair it with SwiftCoin and Bitcoin. We will make a market for your coin even if it is not currently on other exchanges. Our forex pairs include the Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, the Russian Rouble, Turkish Lira, Brazilian Real and Mexican Peso.

What is the minimum amount I need to deposit to open an account, get my coin listed, trade forex or buy Bitcoin?

US $1000. US $500 if paid in SwiftCoin.

Does the trading platform offer leverage?

Yes. We recommend leverage of 25. Maximum leverage is 1000, at your request.

Example: If you had a $1000 deposit, leverage of 25 would give you $25 000 spending power on the trading platform. Leverage of 1000 would give you a million dollars in spending power.